November 2000 DVD Releases

Date Title Distributor
1st November Abyss: SE, The.
  Diamonds Are Forever: SE.
  Independence Day: SE (2 Disc Set).
  Little Mermaid 2, The.
  Live And Let Die: SE, The.
  Man With The Golden Gun: SE, The.
  Magnolia. (2 Disc Set).
  Missing In Action.
  Navy Seals.
  Planet Of The Apes.
  Rage: Carrie 2, The.
2nd November Mission To Mars.
6th November AC/DC - No Bull Live In Madrid.
  Chaka Kahn.
  Corrs: Lansdowne Rd Live Concert, The.
  Dancin' In The Street - Motown.
  George Benson - Live.
  Into The Woods - Broadway Show.
  Ministry - Tapes Of Wrath.
  Moody Blues - Live Days Of Future Past.
  Olympic Highlights - Sydney 2000.
  Road To Glory: Volumes 1-10.
  South Park. Volume 8.
  South Park. Volume 9.
  South Park. Volume 10.
  South Park. Volume 11.
  Twilight Zone. Volume 11.
  Twilight Zone. Volume 12.
7th November 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
  A Clockwork Orange.
  Austin Powers Pack (2 Disc Set).
  Black Beauty.
  Bonfire Of The Vanities.
  Gone With The Wind.
  Insider, The.
  Lethal Weapon 4 Pack.
  Police Academy.
  Towering Inferno, The.
8th November Fright Night.
  Pitch Black.
  Tremors: CE.
  Village Of The Damned.
15th November Bridge On The River Kwai: CE (2 Disc Set).
  Erin Brockovich.
  It's The Rage.
  Mystery Alaska.
  Onegin (Rental Only).
  Savage Garden: Superstars & Cannonballs.
  Shadow, The.
  Steel Magnolias: CE.
  Tigger Movie, The
  Toy Story
  Toy Story: Box Set
  Usual Suspects, The
16th November Fantasia
  Fantasia 2000
22nd November Braveheart
  Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  Child's Play
  Delta Force
  Delta Force 2
  Edward Scissorhands
  Fight Club: SE
  Poltergeist 2
  Some Like It Hot
  Turbulence 2
  X-Files: Season 1 Box Set
  Young Frankenstein
27th November Dune: Remastered
  Halloween 1: Remastered
  Halloween 2
  Halloween 3
  Zane Grey Western Double Pack 1
  Zane Grey Western Double Pack 1
  Zane Grey Western Double Pack 1
29th November Cannibal The Musical
  Def By Temptation
  Toxic Avenger 2