December 2000 DVD Releases

Date Title Distributor
4th December A Night To Remember
  Corruptor, The
  Practical Magic
  Scream Box Set
  The Wiggles
6th December Arlington Road
  Gladiator (2 Disc Set)
  Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut
  Simple Plan, A
  Someone To Watch Over Me
  Three Tenors: 1990
  Two Hands
  Waking Ned Devine
  Whatever It Takes
12th December 28 Days
  American Grafitti
  Heavy Metal 2000
  I Dreamed Of Africa
13th December Chosen One, The
  The Rowdy Girls
19th December Air Force One/Passenger 57 Double Pack
  Con Air/Executive Decision Double Pack
  Dusk Till Dawn/Lost Boys Double Pack
  Final Destination
  Flubber/Space Jam Double Pack
  George Of The Jungle/
Encino Man Double Pack
  Metro/Heat Double Pack
  Nightmare Before Christmas/
Beetlejuice Double Pack
  Perfect Storm, The
  Runaway Bride/Pretty Woman Double Pack
  Skulls, The
  While You Were Sleeping/
You've Got Mail Double Pack
  Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory/
Inspector Gadget Double Pack
20th December Diplomatic Siege