Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: August 2000.
Subject: Stuart Little DVD Release.

The Name’s Little . . . Stuart Little
and MY future is DVD

Stuart Little: Deluxe Collector’s Edition (G)
Release Date: September 5 Simultaneous Rental Release

In 1996 Titanic director James Cameron boasted: “anything is possible right now … We have the right tools, or we can combine tools, to do anything.” Four years on and we welcome a suit-wearing, sportscar-driving, digital, talking mouse called Stuart into our lives. Digital effects are everywhere and never are they so advanced as in Columbia TriStar’s latest DVD to be released on September 5th this year.

The DVD has been pipped as one of the most incredible examples of the creation of believable computer-generated characters and it’s all bound up in one timeless and lovable movie with a star-studded cast.

Grossing more than $20 million at the box office Stuart Little is the third most popular family movie ever released in Australia. The DVD captures all the beauty of the film yet combines it with a truly endless feature list of pure DVD animation and technological wizardry; making this little disc a Deluxe Collector’s Edition for all Australian families.

Featuring a knock-out cast with the vocal talents of Michael J. Fox as Stuart and Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis as Mr and Mrs Little, Stuart Little will make you laugh, warm your heart and teach you that home is where the heart is; even if that heart comes in a little package. Stuart is the newest member of the Littles: a regular New York family who set out to adopt a brother for eight-year-old George and came home with the snappiest dressed rodent in the Big Apple: a three-inch, furry mouse with attitude!

Stuart Little is a mouse like no other and the DVD a disc like no other: the comic misadventures of Stuart are fantastically enhanced with this widescreen DVD experience. With a digital explosion of advancements the DVD’s interactive features are phenomenal. Try ‘Stuart’s Central Park Adventure’ game controlled by your remote control, or the ‘Race with Stuart’ Hasbro DVD Rom game - or slip effortlessly into the internet with the disc’s DVD-Rom features and weblinks. Then there’s the six scenes never released before, with filmmaker’s narration, director commentary by Rob Minkoff, two audio commentaries and production gag reel. The music videos are true collector’s items in themselves and feature Trisha Yearwood, R Angels & The Brian Setzer orchestra.

When producing the DVD the makers wanted a film combining unbeatable family entertainment with an educational tool for children that meant mum and dad could get involved.  ‘Read along’ with Stuart was the ingenious solution – you can sit down with your children, enjoy a hilarious film that is as comical for you as it is for them, while at the same time teaching your children to read.

This compact DVD allows you to truly understand how technologically advanced the creation of Stuart Little is: flick instantly to the making of the film and find the animators screen tests, visual effects supervisors, original movie trailer, cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes feature.  With this DVD you can really celebrate in such a visual spectacular; with its conceptual art gallery, animated menus, talent profiles and picture disc.

Stuart Little is available to buy on DVD from all major retailers across Australia on September 5th. 

Stuart Little is also out to buy on video just in time for Christmas: November 25, 2000.

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