Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: September 2000.
Subject: Gladiator DVD Release.


Media Release

For Immediate Release



The General who became a slave.

The slave who became a Gladiator.

The Gladiator who defied an Empire.

THE DVD that rocked the world

Warriors of the DVD market, Columbia TriStar Home Video has secured the distribution rights for the DVD of the Millennium – the epic action drama Gladiator.  The most almighty $30 million Australian box office epic of the year hits Australian shores on DVD in full blood-curdling glory on December 6.  Described as the most incredible film that self-confessed ‘world creator’ and renowned Director, Ridley Scott, has ever made; its star is to Australia even more magnanimous – the heroic Russell Crowe.

The DVD release of Gladiator will break all records for such dynamic digital technology.  Shipping 100,000 DVDs to Australia on day one – equating to a double platinum release in the music world; Gladiator will unequivocally be the biggest DVD release to date.  This amazing response shows the overwhelming popularity of the DVD format, which continues to increase daily.  Testament to Gladiator’s box office success, the movie is ranked Number 8 in the all time Top 10 box office rankings in Australia.

Gladiator boasts an all star cast, including Australia’s very own Russell Crowe.  Gladiator catapulted his career into international stardom and both the movie and its leading man have received rave reviews worldwide.  The Metro Times Detroit’s review shows exactly why an epic like Gladiator, with its exhilarating battle scenes and extraordinary special effects, is so perfect for DVD: Gladiator begs for DVD’s widescreen, supreme surround sound and the purist of picture quality.

Gladiator will be presented as a Deluxe Collector's Edition in a two-disc set available on December 6. With loads of extra features, as well as DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks, Gladiator on DVD is a must buy for the Christmas present of the millennium!

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