Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: February 2000.
Subject: DVD User Group February 2000.


Today, the 10,000th web surfer joined Australia's leading definitive DVD website

The website is a collaboration of all key industry hardware and software players and was launched only last September by Michele Garra, Managing Director of Columbia TriStar Home Video.

Ms Garra said that the overwhelming response to the site reinforces that we have successfully quenched the marketís thirst for reliable, expert and up to the minute information on DVD.

The tremendous success of the new website reflects the DVD explosion which has overtaken the home entertainment market in this country.  In 1999, player penetration reached 100,000 homes, 1,000,000 software units were shipped and over 720 titles are now available in the market.  No other home entertainment technology including Colour TV, VCRs or CDs enjoyed this same pace of growth commented Ms Garra.

Now, just four months after going on-line, 10,000 people have joined this unprecedented website which was established as an industry initiative to cater for existing DVD enthusiasts and to introduce the format to new users.

The DVDUsergroup is achieving up to 4,500 user sessions per week and averaging over 40,000 page views per week indicating members are keen to stay abreast of the new titles releases and industry news.  The DVDUsergroup website is the top Australian DVD website based on statistics.

Currently, unique features of the DVDUsergroup website include regular Newsflashes on the latest DVD hardware/software, the latest DVD movie releases and hardware information, direct hotlinks to review sites and online retailers, and a Where to Buy Section with an inbuilt power search engine by Suburb, Retailer or Postcode.

Existing DVDUsergroup members benefit from the inside knowledge disclosed in chat sessions with industry experts on topics such as Authoring DVDs.  Exclusive competitions have also been a popular hit with members enabling them to win hardware and exciting new DVD discs.  For example, the popular Terminator 2  competition requested entrants devise a hypothetical synopsis for Terminator 3.  Competition entries for the much sought after The Mummy DVD, which commenced last week, are now being emailed in.

There is no doubt that the number of members will rapidly multiply in the year 2000.  To match the sites growing popularity, some great new innovations will be added over the next twelve months.  A glossary of DVD terms, trailers and details on the best special features of upcoming movies and, an upgraded hardware section which will include Home theatre equipment are just some of the features DVDUsergroup members will be able to enjoy.  Personally, I canít wait.  Staying informed in a burgeoning technology like DVD can be difficult, we aim to make it easy, relevant and fun Michele Garra said.

To discover the wonders of DVD and find out why 10,000 people joined up for more, visit