Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: May 2000.
Subject: Columbia/TriStar Web Site May 2000.

Get the Big Picture With
Columbia Tri-Star Home Video’s New Website

When it comes to on screen entertainment, leading movie house Columbia TriStar, are the experts.

Not content with wowing audiences with films on cinema, video and more recently on the revolutionary new DVD screens, they have extended their movie wizardry to the computer screen. On 23 May 2000, Columbia TriStar Home Video’s upgraded website goes live on the internet.

Movie fanatic, web surfer or, just plain curious? Visit the Columbia TriStar Home Video (CTHV) site at and you’ll not be disappointed.

The colourful Home page, designed like a moving film reel is an indicator of the visual and fascinating treat which visitors to the website have in store for them. Three flashing “stars” denote the site’s three categories of Videos to Buy, Videos to Rent and DVDs To Buy. From this point on, it’s easy navigation to your chosen area of movie interest.

An integral feature of the site is the powerful in built search engine, which enables you to search for movies, by title, star, year or genre. A range of movies have the trailer streamed on site to give you a sneak preview. 

Want to know the latest releases of videos to buy, rent or DVD to purchase? Each of these CTHV categories has its latest offering listed on their New Releases page, complete with film synopsis and image. Want to know where to get that hot new title? You can search by retailer name; suburb or mearly enter your postcode to find the nearest stockist. Or you can click right through to retailers’ websites from the links on the page.

Hyperlinks for further navigation are a user-friendly characteristic of CTHV new site. Surfers’ wanting to find out more about CTHV’s other DVD titles can easily flick to the DVDUsergroup website or join the Columbia’s Classics Club for further information on those celluloid gems of Hollywood's history.

“We’re confident that whether you have the Columbia TriStar Home Video site bookmarked as one of your favourites or you are exploring for the first time, visitors will find the site a fascinating treasure trove of movie information.”

“Columbia TriStar Home Video are delighted to bring consumers the complete home entertainment experience from the fabulous movies themselves to an exciting, interactive source on what home entertainment options are out there and where to find them.” Ms Michele Garra, Managing Director of Columbia TriStar Home Video said.