Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: August 2000.
Subject: October 2000 Releases.


October will be a historic month for DVD, with the release of two of the most amazing hit titles - Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  Accompanying these record-breaking box office hits this month is a premium line up of drama and comedy titles. Encapsulating the real essence of DVD, October looks set to be an exciting month for DVD lovers.  Split into two great packages, they will be released on separate dates in October.


Hanging Up (M15+)

Release date: October 10 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

An entertaining comedy/drama concerning three sisters (Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan and Lisa Kudrow) who try to come to terms with the impending death of their father (Walter Matthau).  Lead by a stellar cast, Hanging Up is one movie that will have you laughing, crying and everything in between.

Viewers can enjoy the fantastic soundtrack from this movie with an isolated track of songs from David Hirschfelder's music score, which are featured on this disc.  The outtakes, never-before-seen deleted sequence, behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the movie with cast and crew interviews, featured on this disc make it a truly unique item.  With talent profiles and the original movie trailer to top off a star-studded DVD.

For Love of the Game     (M15+)

Release date: October 10 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

Pitching in the game of his life, baseballer Billy, played by Kevin Costner, has one chance to make a choice: the woman he loves or the game he lives for. For Love of the Game races though Billy’s flashbacks to piece together fragments of his life before making this impossible decision. The astounding potential of DVD really enhances this film in ways that can only be seen to be believed. Witness the 20-minute 'Making of' documentary for insider information and never-before-seen deleted scenes as well as production notes and theatrical trailer - Kevin Costner fans will love the talent profiles. The DVD extras are such that you could buy this disc for the games alone, with the 'On the Mound: Trivia Game to test your skill dexterity and game power and encompassing game hints and DVD-Rom features, pictures, bios and weblinks. And there’s more: after you’ve revelled in the film, the game and surfed the net you can relax to the sounds of the menu music - and everything beautifully presented on a picture disc.


Angela's Ashes: Collector's Edition  (M15+)                        

Release date: October 24 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

Angela's Ashes is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Irish ex-pat Frank McCourt.  Beginning when Frank was five years old, his autobiography portrays the hardships his family faced as he was growing up.  Highlighting his mother's courage and strength at the difficult reality of life deprivation, Angela's Ashes is an uplifting and humourous tale.  This delightful Collector's Edition is beautifully complemented by an array of special features including: audio commentary by Alan Parker and Frank McCourt, a 26 minute behind-the-scenes featurette, cast and crew interviews, trailer and teaser trailer, all presented on a wonderfully coloured picture disc.

The End of the Affair: Collector's Edition (MA15+)                  

Release date: October 24 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

From the acclaimed novel by Graham Greene comes this hauntingly beautiful motion picture.  In the style of the English Patient, The End of the Affair is the story of two people bound by passion and torn apart by fate.  Starring Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore as two lovers once involved in an illicit affair; the film tells of how Maurice re-kindles his desire for Sarah after an unexpected encounter with her husband and why their relationship came undone.  Audio commentary by director Neil Jordan and lead actress Julianne Moore and a behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the movie with cast and crew interviews, give real insight into the movie and its background.  Also included on this Collector's Edition DVD is an isolated track of songs and Michael Nyman's music score which can be enjoyed separately for your listening pleasure.  The original movie trailer, talent profiles and picture disc are also features of The End of the Affair DVD which simply add to the enjoyment of the amazing sound and picture quality of this film.

Sleepless in Seattle: Collector's Edition (PG)                           

Release date: October 24

Hailed by movie critics worldwide as one of the most enchanting romantic comedies to hit the big screen, this epic film is being re-released on DVD to relive its all-consuming charm through the multitude of digital advancements available on DVD. Hollywood legends Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in a film evolving around that lifelong question: ‘what if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew, was the only someone for you?’

Following its initial release on DVD, Sleepless in Seattle is being re-released as a Collector's Edition with the new disc featuring remarkable extra features on DVD.  Now added to the disc is an audio commentary by director Nora Ephron, a behind-the-scenes making of the film with crew interviews, the original movie trailer, talent profiles and picture disc. The soundtrack is incredible and the DVD plays the isolated track of songs and Marc Shaiman’s music score.

Through Columbia TriStar's ongoing commitment to providing consumers with quality entertainment and the ultimate DVD experience, Sleepless in Seattle is the first of many early release DVD titles to be re-released as a Collector's Edition.  Packed with all of the extra features that Columbia TriStar Home Video are continually striving to deliver to DVD lovers.

This month’s hot DVD releases from Columbia TriStar Home Video can be picked up from major retailers nationwide.

Columbia TriStar DVD software is of Gold Standard Quality.  Every Columbia TriStar DVD title authored by the Sony DVD Center in Culver City, Los Angeles, USA, will carry a Gold Standard Quality Sticker.  Consumers should look out for this sticker as Columbia TriStar's endorsement of their superior quality DVD software.