Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: 18th September  2000.
Subject: November 2000 Releases.


The ability of DVD to make you truly feel and experience a movie is no more apparent than with horror or thrillers. Digital sound and visual effects are so perfect for horror - feel the spine-tingling fear creep its way up your body and into your mind in an adrenalin-rushed month of DVD releases that will remain embedded in your memory forever. Indulge in the full appalling gore of the horror blockbusters this November that include Pitch Black, Sleepwalkers, Tremors, Village of the Damned and Fright Night.

Pitch Black: Collector’s Edition (M15+)                     
Release date: November 8 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

Reviewers raved so much about this Aliens-esq movie, with its incredible photography and special effects; exceeding $2 million at the Australian Box Office. It is an incredibly unusual, suspense-filled and entirely frightening adventure into the last hours of survival before darkness hits and brings with it a nightmare of death and destruction. A passenger spacecraft carrying a dangerous criminal crash lands on a desert planet populated only by light sensitive subterranean flying beasts – how will the passengers survive when the eclipse falls, pitch black engulfs them and the beasts need to feed? And then there’s Riddick (played by Vin Diesel - Saving Private Ryan) the deadly convicted murderer to contend with – will he or won’t he kill you while you sleep?
Pitch Black is an astounding film to understand the making of and as always the DVD offers this unique chance. Terrorise yourself with its myriad of special features, including an audio commentary with the director and actors as well as the amazing special effects team, a DVD newsletter and DVD Rom features, talent profiles and production notes. Finally, there’s the ‘Into Pitch Black’ featurette and the 18-minute Webcast/Rave Footage.  Never again will you experience sheer terror like this until you meet DVD - and this DVD’s as black as night.

Sleepwalkers (R18+)
Release date: November 8

From the world master of horror and suspense, Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers is awoken and brought to gratuitous glory in full DVD style. Charles Brady (Brian Krause) and his mother Mary (Alice Krige) are the last of a dying breed whose needs are not of this world. They are sleepwalkers who stay alive only by feeding on the life force of the innocent. When young and beautiful Tanya (Madchen Amick) meets Charles, she thinks she’s found the man of her dreams. But when his lust overpowers her, Charles’ fatal charm climaxes in fatal harm. Another terrifying leap into the world of the night brought fantastically to life – or death – by DVD special effects. With its crystal visual image and surround sound you’ll completely lose yourself to the lure of the sleepwalkers – and never want to sleep again.

Village of the Damned (M15+)
Release date: November 8

This satanic and chilling version of the sci-fi classic from John Carpenter - one of the most acclaimed suspense writers - stunned an entire generation of movie goers and has been likened to epics like The Omen and Rosemary’s Baby. Now it’s here in full digital supremacy on DVD this November. An invisible force invades a sleepy coastal town and 10 women are impregnated – but with what? Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley, the town’s scientist and doctor, join forces as the women’s simultaneous births unleash a storm of terror on the village. And that horror comes in the form of emotionless and deadly offspring with psychic powers – all dead-set on a trail of destruction. Thrilling DVD features include talent profiles, production notes, film trailer and weblinks. If you were scared when you read the book or Village of the Damned on the big screen – be prepared to utterly terrorise yourself with the potential that DVD brings to this all-consuming horror.

Fright Night (M15+)
Release date: November 8

A star-studded cast includes Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Stephen Geoffreys and Roddy McDowall in this epic horror released in frightening proportions on DVD. Charley’s life is boring - fuelled only by an addiction to late-night horror films - until a spate of bizarre killings convince him that his neighbour Jerry (Chris Sarandon) is a serial killer; a killer who slaughters his victims by sucking their blood. Desperate Charley arms himself with ally, Peter, (Roddy McDowall) a former horror film star and host of TV’s Fright Night Theatre, in their quest to destroy an ingenious and scheming vampire. They were completely unprepared for the ramifications of their quest as the Fright Night-mare really takes hold. The digital features of this DVD, including theatrical trailer and talent profiles, give you the full and gory inside info on the most frightening night of your life.

Tremors (M15+)
Release date: November 8

Starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward this Collector’s Edition of an adrenalin-filled action horror is a must for any horror enthusiast, with full DVD effects to last you a lifetime of sleepless nights. The 53 minute "Making of Featurette", along with production notes included on this disc may offer some comfort as it unfolds how certain aspects of the story were created. Talent profiles of the cast and crew may also calm you down, but your fear will be brought back by the movie's trailer and a feature trailer for Tremors II…

November’s horrifying DVD releases from Columbia TriStar Home Video can be picked up from major retailers nationwide.

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