Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: June 2000.
Subject: July 2000 Releases.


This month sees Columbia TriStar Home Video DVD releases of mammoth proportion, with the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Jaws being released for the first time on DVD.  Sure to be a hit with Steven Spielberg fans and movie buffs alike, Jaws leads a huge lineup of releases this month which include a great mix of all time classics and latest releases, available from July 11.

The Bone Collector: Collector’s Edition (M15+)                    
Release date: July 11 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

A madman is loose on the streets of Manhattan, leaving a trail of brutal slayings across the city.  Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington), a legendary homicide detective, is the only one who can get inside the murderer’s mind and interpret his cryptic messages hidden at the scene of each crime.  Paralysed from a tragic accident, Rhyme acquires the help of rookie street cop Amelia (Angelina Jolie) to become his eyes and ears to scour the horrific crime scenes for evidence.  A shattering suspense thriller, The Bone Collector, is a race against the clock to unravel the clues in time to save the victims.  Included on this picture disc is a behind-the-scenes feature on the making of the movie with cast and crew interviews, the original movie trailer, audio commentary by director Phillip Noyce, talent profiles, a bonus trailer for Devil in a Blue Dress and an isolated track of Craig Armstrong’s music score.

Snow Falling On Cedars:  Collector’s Edition  (M15+)                 
Release date: July 11 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

A riveting mystery based on the best-selling novel, Snow Falling on Cedars tells the story of a tragic death in the small town of San Piedro.  Ethan Hawke plays Ishmael Chambers, a reporter who covers the murder trial. The trial strikes a chord with Chambers when he discovers his ex-lover is involved in the case.  Their tortured relationship has an unexpected bearing on the murder trial, with Chambers uncovering some startling clues, which lead to a shocking discovery.  This Collector’s Edition DVD provides some background to the film with a ‘History of Manzanar Internment Camp’ segment, audio commentary by Director Scott Hicks, production notes, cast and filmmakers’ notes, and spotlight on location.  Also included are deleted scenes, menu music, theatrical trailer and a Universal weblink for DVD-ROM.

Dick: Collector’s Edition (M15+)                           
Release date: July 11 Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

On their school tour to the White House, Arlene (Michelle Williams - Dawson’s Creek) and Betsy (Kirsten Dunst – Drop Dead Gorgeous) come face-to-face with President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon.  After befriending the President and becoming the official White House Dog Walkers, these two typically American teenagers turn “Dick’s” political career into the biggest scandal in history.  This hilarious comedy keeps the laughs coming with a blooper reel and a never-before-seen deleted scene.  A behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the movie with cast and crew interviews, audio commentary by director Andrew Fleming and co-writer Sheryl Longin, isolated soundtrack with music highlights menu, original movie trailer and talent profiles, this disc has it all!

These and many other exciting DVD titles are available from all major retail outlets nationwide on July 11.

Columbia TriStar DVD software is of Gold Standard Quality.  Every Columbia TriStar DVD title authored by the Sony DVD Center in Culver City, Los Angeles, USA, will carry a Gold Standard Quality Sticker.  Consumers should look out for this sticker as Columbia TriStar's endorsement of their superior quality DVD software.

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