Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: 16th October  2000.
Subject: December 2000 Releases.


December is a month filled with some of the most highly anticipated titles to be released on DVD - so get your list to Santa early this year! Or maybe, impress your friends and family this Christmas by introducing them to the exciting world of DVD. Enriched with endless added value DVD brings the wonderful world of film to life in any lounge room, with cinema quality sound and pictures that will blow them away.


The Guns of Navarone Collector's Edition (PG)
Release date: December 6

Digitally remastered for DVD including a brand new 5.1 audio track to capture its cinematic beauty, the story reveals the specialised commando team assembled to sabotage the colossal 'Guns of Navarone' that control a channel in the Aegean Sea. To celebrate this historic DVD release Columbia TriStar has packed a collection of entertaining and exciting extra features onto this one amazing disc; audio commentary with the director takes you through his thoughts and direction for specific scenes, and the 30-minute documentary "Memories of Navarone" tells the story of Navarone itself.  Talent profiles and the movie trailer are also included.  But the entertainment doesn't stop there…..also on the disc are five featurettes "Two Girls on the Town", "Great Guns", "No Visitors", "Honeymoon on Rhodes" and "A Message from Carl Foreman" – a special message which was filmed for the Australian premiere of the movie. A brilliant classic film that benefits immensely from the DVD format, The Guns of Navarone is definitely worthy of the title 'Collector's Edition'.

Bats Collector's Edition (M15+)
Release date: December 6, Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

A horrifying tale about mutant bats who are intelligent, aggressive, and carnivorous and are terrorising an entire American town. This Collector's Edition creates such intense terror that only can be experienced through the brilliance of DVD. Bats stars La Bamba's Lou Diamond Phillips as the tough sheriff in a race against time to save mankind from a fate worse than death. The behind-the-scenes features on this disc include: a 'making of' featurette "Bats Abound", director and cast audio commentary, sound effects and storyboard comparison, talent profiles and photo galleries; have the ability to break down the sheer terror of this film by bringing you back to the reality of how it was made. Supported by the movie trailer and a killer isolated music score, Bats on DVD brings back real meaning to 'horror' movies.

Whatever It Takes Collector's Edition (M15+)
Release date: December 6, Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

This fun comedy about the game of teenage love is now an equally fun DVD! Ryan and Chris swap inside information to pursue Ashley and Maggie, and as you'll see the boys will do 'Whatever It Takes' to get the girl. With extras to be seen nowhere else, this Collector's Edition shows everything from a behind-the-scenes featurette to deleted scenes and talent profiles. Audio commentary by the director and cast gives an account of how things are done in the movie business and the deleted scenes are a timeless piece not included in the original movie – you can be the judge as to whether they should have been left out or not. A real bonus on this disc is the incredibly hip isolated soundtrack, so that you can groove along to it anytime and the movie trailer tops off this fine piece of entertainment. As with all great comedies, you'll want to watch this one over and over – the beauty of DVD is that you can easily flick to your favourite scenes without having to rewind or fast forward.


Heavy Metal 2000 (MA15+)
Release date: December 13, Exclusive to DVD

This long-awaited masterpiece of cult animation is finally here on DVD in all its splendour. Heavy Metal 2000 is the sequel to the much loved Heavy Metal (1981) and is exclusive to DVD, with great extra features on the disc to cater for the real addicts. Apart from its unique animation, one of the most integral aspects of Heavy Metal 2000 is the music. Including the first original recording by Bauhaus in 17 years, plus unreleased and exclusive music by Billy Idol, Monster Magnet, Pantera and many, many more. The story follows Julie on her journey to avenge her people, reclaim her family and save the universe from the greatest evil ever known – and just how this is done is shown through the exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette. Five animatics: "Eden Air Flight", "Lizard Fight", "Love Scene", "Julie Bathes" and "Final Flight" have been added for animation fans, along with the movie trailer and a 14 minute featurette "Super Goddess".

28 Days Collector's Edition (M15+)
Release date: December 13,
Simultaneous VHS Rental Release

A touching and often hilarious comedy about a party girl who just doesn't know when to stop. Starring the talented Sandra Bullock as Gwen, 28 Days on DVD goes “behind-the-scenes” with an audio commentary by the director and crew.  The DVD also gives you 10-minutes of deleted scenes and a 15-minute 'making of' featurette. The drama and anguish of the film is brought to life with these special DVD features, while the talent profiles, movie trailer and 24 minutes of additional footage make this DVD a true Collector’s Edition. Much more than just a movie, Sandra Bullock fans can follow in her character's footsteps with "How to Build a Gum Wrapper Chain" or dance to the beat of a different drum with the isolated soundtrack.

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