Company: Columbia/TriStar.
Date: 24th October  2000.
Subject: January 2001 Releases.


Some of 2000's biggest box office smash hits will be released as part of Columbia TriStar's New Year line-up on January 4. Movie lovers will have the chance to experience the magic that DVD brings to the latest in cinematic genius, along with classic titles that hold a special place in Hollywood.

The Patriot Collector's Edition (MA15+) Simultaneous VHS Rental Release
Release date: January 4                    

A family torn apart, their freedom brutally taken away - some things are worth fighting for… Legendary war hero Benjamin Martin (Academy Award® winner Mel Gibson) is forced to take up arms again during the American Revolution in a fight for freedom and revenge. In the DVD event of 2001, this epic tale is beautifully presented in all its cinematic glory on one feature-packed picture disc; with an audio commentary by the producer and director to take you through this amazing production.

The 13 minutes of deleted scenes add a new angle to the film, whilst The Patriot's magnificent cast (which includes Australian heart-throb Heath Ledger) are glorified in talent profiles and 120 pages of cast portraits which are also featured on the DVD. But the entertainment doesn't stop there – featurettes 'The True Patriots', 'Visual Effects', 'The Art of War' and 'Conceptual Art to Film Comparison' all add hours of entertainment and extra insight to the film.

Loser (M15+) Simultaneous VHS Rental Release
Release date: January 4

Catch American Pie's Jason Biggs and American Beauty's Mena Suvari in the latest teen sensation to hit DVD. A college geek in cosmopolitan New York city just doesn't fit, but as Paul Tannek (Biggs) is about to find out, even 'Losers' can get lucky! Including the hippest young cast, Loser on DVD provides information on all of them with talent profiles and a 'Making of' featurette. Check out the latest music video by Wheatus 'Teenage Dirtbag' or pretend you're at the movies by playing the movie trailer first - all on this Loser picture disc for you to collect.

Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas (Rating TBC) Simultaneous VHS Rental Release
Release date: January 4

Step back to a time when Fred and Barney were lonely and Wilma and Betty were single. Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas tells the tale of how it all began with a weekend at the hottest rock resort on the continent. In an effort to impress their new female friends Fred and Barney really 'Rock Vegas'. Cooler than the ice age the DVD features capture the essence of these prehistoric party animals before life became complicated. See how the Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas came to life with production notes and the 14 minute 'Making of' featurette. Exclusive DVD features also include talent profiles of the all-star cast (including Stephen Baldwin, Kristen Johnston, Jane Krakowski and Joan Collins) and the cool movie trailer. For those new to the DVD format or anyone wanting to keep up with the latest, also included on the disc is a newsletter with information on all that is DVD.

Stand By Me Collector's Edition (M15+)
Release date: January 4

Presented on a beautiful picture disc, Stand By Me is a classic piece of film history that has now been touched by the magic of DVD. The beauty of this disc is that it allows viewers to enjoy the movie in its entirety with an audio commentary with the director. The extra features let you in on all of the behind-the-scenes action as you join Gordie, Chris, Vern and Teddy in the 36 minute 'Walking the Tracks' documentary – the journey of this most entertaining tale. Otherwise you can discover more about the actors before they became stars with talent profiles on the disc. Including an isolated soundtrack and music video 'Stand By Me' (Ben E. King), this amazing DVD will provide hours of entertainment.

Columbia TriStar DVD software is of Gold Standard Quality.  Every Columbia TriStar DVD title authored by the Sony DVD Center in Culver City, Los Angeles, USA, will carry a Gold Standard Quality Sticker.  Consumers should look out for this sticker as Columbia TriStar's endorsement of their superior quality DVD software.