DVD Manufacturers
Digital Video Mastering

Digital Video Compression Center

DVD Technologies

Warner Advanced Media Operations

Australian DVD Distributors
Columbia Tristar Home Video (Distributes Columbia & Universal DVD's)

DVD Australia (Distributes Simitar DVD's)

Force Video (Independent DVD Distributor)

Magna Pacific/RocVale Film (Independent DVD Distributor)

Twentieth Century Fox (Distributes Fox & MGM DVD's)

Siren Entertainment (Independent DVD Distributor)

Sony Music Australia (Distributes Sony Music DVD's)

Village Roadshow (Distributes Miramax, Dimension, Some Warner & New Line Cinema DVD's)

Warner Bros. (No Australian Web Presence)

Warner Vision (Distributes Music DVD's)

DVD Related Companies
Dolby Laboratories (Home Of Dolby Sound)

DVD Consortium

DTS (Digital Theater Systems) (Home Of DTS Sound)

LucasFilm THX

SDDS (Sony Dynamic Digital Sound) (Home Of Sony's Obscure Sound Format)