This year has been a great year for DVD with so many great titles I have watched and reviewed which is why it was so hard for me to pick the 10 best titles of 2000. So here they are, my list of the 10 best DVD's released in 2000.

10. Jaws: Collector's Edition - Columbia/Tri-Star.

One of the bigger older releases this year, Jaws: CE was a very worthy release for this sensational movie. The extras were plentiful, transfer was excellent and that theme really came to life on DVD.

9. Vertigo: Collector's Edition - Columbia/Tri-Star.

I knew from the minute I watched this disc that Vertigo would make it into my top 10 list for the year. This seminal Hitchcock movie was lovingly restored with a new sound and video transfer. Add to that the lovely extras in the form of a great commentary, documentary, trailers and the like. This title more than deserves a place in this list.

8. Walking With Dinosaurs - Roadshow.

Earlier this year, this BBC created hit our shores. What a delight it was, with great picture and good solid sound. Walking With Dinosaurs did show that DVD is the best format for releasing TV show on. Show us more BBC.

7. Super Speedway - Warner Vision Australia.

If there was ever a sensational demo disc released in 2000, Super Speedway is it. Great picture, thunderous sound and a great documentary all mix together to create a very worthwhile purchase.

6. Alien Legacy Box Set - 20th Century Fox.

This was a great addition to the stable of R4 releases and one of the first true DVD box sets thanks to 20th Century Fox. This release shined because it included some of the best movies ever made along with some great extras and sensational transfers. The fact we also got the 5th disc with the pack also put it well over the R1 edition. Great Stuff. Keep that kind of stuff coming FOX.

5. Jurassic Park Collector's Set - Columbia/Tri-Star.

It's hard to enter one of these movies into this list without the other. The Jurassic Park Collector's set ushered in a new age for DVD with the release of these highly anticipated titles from Steven Spielberg. The discs were pretty fancy too, there is nothing like listening to the T-Rex go nuts on a favorite format.

4. Sleepy Hollow - Roadshow.

Roadshow have certainly improved considerably in 2000 sporting great transfer, abundant extras, and wonderful sound. Sleepy Hollow is no exception, great story and gothic feel bundled together with slick direction and great acting. Highly enjoyable.

3. Gladiator - Columbia/Tri-Star.

It may have been the biggest selling title of 2000 but it certainly wasn't the best title released in 2000 IMHO. Gladiator was a wonderfully specified disc that looked sensational and included great extras, but the movie was disappointing. Seeing that 2000 has been quite disappointing for movies it did jump up above most other titles if that is any saving grace.

2. Toy Story 2 - Buena Vista.

Yet another sensational disc from the folks at Disney & Pixar. This disc would have to have the best transfer I have seen this year, coupled along with great sound and a nice sprinkling of extras. The story is one of the most enchanting I have seen in years

1. Shawshank Redemption - Roadshow.

This to me is the best release of 2000. Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies ever made. It's touching movie presented on a lovely DVD that contains a reference quality transfer. Don't Miss.

Have a different opinion on the best DVD's of 2000? Then email me with your preferred list of the 10 best DVD's for the year and I'll publish the results.