Easter eggs, those wonderful little surprises that DVD manufacturers put onto their discs. For quite a while they have been mainly the domain of our R1 cousins but now R4 are starting to get a few discs with these little extras. Here is a list of discs that have those little blighters. If you know of or find any Easter eggs, drop me a line with it's details and have your name plastered on this site for being such a resourceful person. Email an egg

End Of Days. R4

Easter Egg: There is an Easter egg in the form of a bonus theatrical trailer from the Denzel Washington movie, The Hurricane.

Location: To access this trailer head into the special features menu of the disc and you will see a little cross, highlight the cross and then press you enter key.


Three Kings. R4.
2 Easter eggs on this disc have been found so far.

Easter Egg 1: There is a secret password in the special features menu for an online event of some type.

Location: The egg is located within the special features menu, to access it, click right and select the grenade when highlighted.

Easter Egg 2: There is a hidden TV spot for the movie.

Location: Go to the third page of the special features section and push down after the theatrical trailer listing, yet another grenade will appear. Click it and there's your hidden TV spot.

Alien. R4.

2 Easter eggs have been found so far on this disc as well.

Easter Egg 1: The first is a crew biographies screen on characters from the space ship Nostromo.

Location: To find this egg, move up to the special features heading in the main menu, then select left. A screen will then highlight. Press enter to find the first egg.

Easter Egg 2: The second egg is a section on the Alien and the steps it goes through until it is hatched.

Location: To find this egg go into the special features menu. From the special features menu, keep movie down the menu until the pool of acid at the bottom of the screen is highlighted.