The Sony Playstation 2 is the newest of the next generation consoles coming to the home market. The system itself is the latest 128 bit console system to hit the market. Now, you may wonder why I am including this in a DVD site. Well the main reason I am including it onto the site is because of the DVD drive built into the unit. With a DVD drive built into the unit it has the potential for the DVD format to reach millions of people who otherwise would not be able to get a normal DVD/DVD-ROM drive which in turn boosts the market for the DVD industry.
So far this is what is known about the DVD features of the PSX2. The machine will of course include region coding that runs in basically the same lines of standard region coding on DVD's today. Americans will get the R1 player, Japan a R2 player of the NTSC variety. 

Now this is where things get interesting Australia & England will most likely get a R2/R4 combined PAL version player as the machines we get now are made in Europe and shipped out here as we have the same PAL signal. The Machine will be able to read all discs including the DVD-18 format. The PSX2 will support Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS sound and well as standard PCM sound tracks as well. 16:9 playback is rumoured on the system. It is rumoured that the PSX2 will also come with optical digital out connector. At the moment it sounds a lot like rumours than actual info but that's the reason why the page was put up in the first place.


Update 15/8/00-The Playstation II console has now slipped to November 30th and will have a new retail of $749.

Update 20/6/00-With the soon to be released Playstation II console grabbing all the attention, Sony are now handing out info on the redesigned Playsation now called the PSone. An article and some pics have been released. Click here for more info.

Update 22/5/00- The Sony Playstation II console now has an official Australian release date. 26th October is the date set. It's Australian RRP will be $699. 

Update 12/2/00- I have heard a few rumours that the PSX2 may only support DTS sound and not Dolby Digital. This is not confirmed as yet!

Update 16/2/00- Received more info on the PSX2 today. Looks like Dolby Digital 5.1 is in. Phew. I also received an email today from an unknown source revealing some more info on the PSX2. If anybody knows the source of this info I would be glad to know about it. 


Sony Computer Entertainment has done it's best to prove that PS2's DVD
capabilities will match those of it's top of the range competitors. The videogame giant recently demonstrated the DVD version of 'Shakespeare in Love' playing on it's next generation console in Japan.

After endless speculation and occasional misinformation
concerning the DVD playback capabilities of the PlayStation2, Sony put to rest all questions with a recent press conference in Japan. During this event, the company compared its PlayStation2 with top of the
line Sony, Pioneer and Matsushita DVD players. These systems each
cost several times more than the PS2 itself.

So how did the PlayStation2 hold up in terms of DVD playback alone? Here's what we think of the new console's performance:

Plus: Visual Quality
The PlayStation2 will display DVD movies at an image resolution
that is just as good as the much more expensive competition. Put
simply, this console will show movies as crisply and cleanly as the
best DVD players even though it will cost much less. If you want the
best image quality, the PS2 is a perfect choice.

Minus: Remote Control
Even though a Japanese news source stated today that there
would be a remote control for the new system, Sony had nothing to say
on the matter. This means that the early options for a remote
control will most likely all come from third parties.

Sony is sticking by its Dual Shock 2 as the main control device
for the PS2 DVD player. Even though this is acceptable for gaming, the
thought of watching movies with a long cord stretching to the television just seems odd. The pad would work as a remote
control with the following commands:

Play: Start button
Stop: Start button
Fast Forward: R2
Rewind: L2
On-screen Display: Select
Next chapter R1
Previous chapter: L1
Yes: O
No: X
Main Menu: Square
DVD Menu: Triangle
Change Sounds: Right Joystick button
Change subtitles: Left Joystick button

Because the PlayStation2 will not ship with a remote control,
you'll be forced to choose between using this Dual Shock interface or an onscreen interface that enables you to control the DVD player
onscreen. If you choose the second option, you will see icons
onscreen that let you perform all the functions of the Dual Shock 2
as well as changing camera angles and other features we'll discuss
later on.

Plus: Features
Despite all the rumours that the PS2 DVD player would lack basic playback features, Sony has proven that its console can play
with the big boys. At the Japanese press conference, the company showed
off DVD capabilities such as:

Multiple Languages
Aspect Ratios (16:9, Letterbox, Pan-scan)
Parental control passwords
Support for Dolby Digital and DTS sound 
(although a receiver is needed to get the full effect of these sound formats)
Closed captioning

Minus: Memory Card Drivers
Even though the PlayStation2 will not require a 'boot disc' to
load before you watch DVD movies, it still requires a special memory
card file to play movies. The file itself is small (634 K). You'll
still need this file to play movies. So, if you physically lose your memory card, you'll have to buy another and copy the file from the special PS2 utility disc that comes with your PlayStation2. This isn't a huge problem, but it could be an annoyance. It could usefully lead to territory coding hacks, so you could watch foreign DVDs (not games), but we'll have to wait and see.

Plus: Peace of Mind
Thanks to this latest technology demonstration by Sony, our
questions about the PlayStation2 DVD capabilities have finally
been answered. Now the only question that remains is why someone
would buy a $300 DVD player when they could get the same thing, plus
the most powerful videogame system on the planet, for the same


128 Bit "Emotion Engine" 
System Clock Frequency:
300 MHz 
Cache Memory Instruction: 16KB, Data: 8KB + 16KB


Main Memory Direct 
Rambus (Direct RDRAM) Memory Size:
Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2GB per Second 
Floating Point Performance: 6.2 GFLOPS 
3D CG Geometric Transformation: 66 Million Polygons per Second, Compressed Image Decoder, MPEG2 
Graphics: "Graphics Synthesizer" 
Clock Frequency: 150MHz 
DRAM Bus bandwidth: 48GB per Second 
DRAM Bus width: 2560bits 
Pixel Configuration: RGB:Alpha:Z Buffer (24:8:32) 
Maximum Polygon Rate: 75 Million Polygons per Second 
Sound: "SPU2+CPU" Number of Voices ADPCM: 48 channels on SPU2, plus definable, software programmable voices programmable voices 
Sampling Frequency: 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz (Selectable 
IOP: I/O Processor 
CPU: Core PlayStation (current) CPU 
Clock Frequency: 33.9MHz or 37.5MHz (Selectable) 
Sub Bus: 32 Bit 
Interface Types: IEEE1394, Universal Serial Bus (USB), communication via PC-Card (PCMCIA) 
Disc Device: CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

Rumours & Truths

All Format DVD Playback (Inc DVD-18) Yes
Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS & PCM Sound Yes
Region Coding Yes
16:9 Playback Yes
Optical Digital Output Yes