September  2000

Tuesday, 26th September 2000

Further to yesterday's news regarding the release of The Lost World and Jurassic Park. DVD Angle have given the DTS versions of these releases a complete pasting, noting that it's sound is not as good as the Dolby Digital version. Now I'm all for a choice of sound formats on DVD as long as they don't remove something to compensate. So it's good to see that we in Region 4 will be getting the superior Dolby Digital versions with all the features. Click here to read DVD Angle's review of Jurassic Park DTS and to read The Lost World DTS review, click here. Click here to send hate mail :-]

My 150th Review!!!!
Yes you read right, it's my 150th review and Sleepy Hollow gets that honor. Great disc, great movie.

Monday, 25th September 2000

With only a few weeks until the Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park are released onto DVD, the Jurassic Park web site is now live. To view it click here. It's also interesting to note that the cover artwork has not changed much from the R1 artwork which is a pity as they don't look all that good:-(

Region 4 Covers Region 1 Covers

New Reviews
Just one older review for today. Batman Returns.

Friday, 22nd September 2000

Although the features for the upcoming Region 4 release of Gladiator have not yet been confirmed, DreamWorks have put out a press release outlining the discs features. Hopefully all the special features will make it onto our release here in Australia. Those special features include:

Audio commentary with Ridley Scott

Deleted scenes with Ridley Scott commentary. 

"Treasure Chest" of footage cut to music by Pietro Scalia. 

Interviews, Production notes, Biographies, Stills gallery, Production diary & behind-the-scenes special. 

Original theatrical trailers and television spots. 

Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and DTS ES Audio

To read the official press release, point your browsers here.

Monday, 18th September 2000

Although it has not been confirmed as yet I have heard that Roadshow Entertainment will be releasing their back catalog titles for $19.95. I do not know what titles are being included in this pricing as yet.
Press Releases
Columbia/Tri-Star will be releasing Gladiator on DVD in December, most notably is the fact that it will contain both Dolby Digital 5.1 as well as a DTS 5.1 soundtrack, certainly a lot of people here in Australia will be happy. Hopefully it will be a trend that other distributor's will follow. There are also press releases for Columbia's November horror titles and standard releases also. The press releases section has been updated.
New Reviews
Only one new review for today. Madonna's new DVD single Music.

Friday, 15th September 2000

New Reviews
Well the Olympics are finally here and we get the see the athletes strut there stuff. There is also a DVD that has also had the chance to strut itself as well. Here for you delectation is my review of Men In Black: Limited Edition. I have also had the chance to go back a do a retrospective review of Batman. It's plain to see that we have come far since DVD was launched.

Monday, 11th September 2000

New Reviews
I have finally completed my review of the R1 edition of Terminator 2: The Ultimate Edition. It's a sensational disc and it's a shame that probably won't be released in R4.

Tuesday, 5th September 2000

I'm looking at the final few extras from the long awaited T2: Ultimate Edition DVD when I get a knock at the door. It's the courier with my brand new MIB: Limited Edition set. So now I don't have 1 huge review to bring you, now it's 2!!!!! No rest for the wicked. Look for them really soon.
FYI The Madonna Music DVD Single has been delayed yet again the new release date is September 19th. Pre-Order from Video Ezy.
New Reviews
Prior to watching T2:Ultimate Edition , I watched new R4 release The Thin Red Line. What a good disc.

Sunday, 3rd September 2000

New Reviews
On the Region 4 front I have reviewed the first of the James Bond movies Dr. No. On the Region 1 front I have reviewed the sensational 2 disc set The Abyss: Special Edition.