October  2000

Friday October 27, 2000
Another new review for you today. The wonderful new Disney release, Toy Story 2.
Wednesday October 25, 2000
Just one new review for today, Heat starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.
Sunday October 22, 2000
New Reviews
A few new reviews for today, firstly my review of the second Bond movie, From Russia With Love and secondly a review of the final Batman movie Batman & Robin
Monday October 16, 2000
It's good to see that the rumors I have been hearing going around are true. Dreamworks SKG are set to release DVD titles which will be distributed through Universal Pictures Video. Many of their larger titles will be included in the deal, but there is one notable title missing, Saving Private Ryan. Hopefully though this title will make it onto R4 release lists eventually. Now all that is left is for Paramount to pull their thumb out of their proverbial bum and get releasing.

Press Releases
I have updated the press releases page to include new press releases from Wild Releasing which includes 2 new titles, Stargaze and Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective. There are also new press releases from Columbia Tri-Star which includes press releases from their December releases and yet another release regarding Gladiator.

New Reviews
Only one new review today. Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition.

Monday October 9, 2000
Happy Birthday, The Fourth Region is 2!!!!
Well time certainly does fly, it sure doesn't feel like 2 years since I started this site. In that time we have seen DVD grow from it's infancy with only a few titles to fully fledged format with over 1000 titles and growing, But it is still disappointing to see there are still some holdouts in our market, namely Paramount & DreamWorks SKG. Hopefully that will change soon considering some rumors going around.

New Reviews
A couple of new reviews from Warner's and this time is a cross between good and bad. The good, The
Iron Giant is really, really good and the bad, Batman Forever is really really bad. It's interesting to see the stark difference of one company 2 years apart in the DVD world.