May - June 2000

29/6/2000. 11:30pm
New Reviews
Only one new review today. The Mel Brooks classic film Blazing Saddles.
27/6/2000. 12:00am
Yet another online retailer is closing it's doors. DVD Rent one of the first R4 online DVD vendors have decided to close shop. Best of luck guys.
Following on from the Reel collapse there are rumors that this could this happen to Amazon. Checkout the story.

New Reviews
I have reviewed 2 outstanding Village Roadshow releases, End Of Days & Three Kings. Also I have reviewed the first of 4 discs from Wild Releasing, Earthlight: Special Edition. On the Region 1 front I have reviewed the fun Jackie Chan disc Mr. Nice Guy.
22/6/2000. 11:30pm
Well It's official. Jurassic Park & The Lost World are on there way to Region 4. Sensational, lets just hope that they change the packaging from the lame Region 1 covers. The press release is here.
New Reviews
Some older reviews today. The John Travolta action movie Face/Off and the Jeff Bridges movie, Blown Away.
18/6/2000. 11:00pm
Not really DVD related but there has been a lot of info about a new Sony console originally thought to be a handheld console called the PSone. This was originally to be released in the next couple of months. It turns out the PSone will be a modified version of the original console with an add-on screen as Sony will keep the original console running alongside the Playstation 2. Click here for photos and an article relating to the machine. Thanx James for the info. If your into martial arts movies, Check his site out.
12/6/2000. 11:00pm
There is news out from The Hollywood Reporter that is shutting it's virtual doors due to great losses, 100 million in the last year. It's sister site will remain. Interesting news indeed.
7/6/2000. 9:30pm
New Reviews
I have reviewed an older title, The Rock.
Site Info
I have updated the glossary and the features section. I have also updated the front page of the site. Let me know what you think.
I have written a little article the History Of Widescreen.
31/5/2000. 9:30pm
New Reviews
Another couple of reviews today from the Alien Legacy box set. Alien and Aliens.
30/5/2000. 12:00am
New Reviews
Only 2 new reviews today. Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and one older disc Jerry Maguire.
27/5/2000. 12:00am
Computer problems and other issues have kept me from updating the site regularly.
The Playstation 2 release date has been set for Australia, 26th October. This release date is interesting as it is the same date as the American release date. Turns out that Sony will be doing a worldwide release of the PSX2 on this day. The Playstation 2 will retail here for $699. Start saving.
New Reviews
Quite a few new reviews today. Firstly from Columbia/Tri-Star there is Vertigo:CE, Blue Streak, BirdyHenry & June.
There are also a few new reviews from MGM for today. The Steve MacQueen classic The Great Escape as well as the great John Travolta movie Get Shorty. I have also jumped into the LaserDisc collection and reviewed Nothing To Lose.