July 2000

25/7/2000. 11:00pm
New Reviews
Another 2 Fox DVD's for your perusal. Die Hard and Speed.
24/7/2000. 10:00pm
New Reviews
Another Fox DVD for your perusal. Volcano. I have nothing else to say about this one........... On the other hand I really enjoyed MGM's The Thomas Crown Affair.
23/7/2000. 8:30pm
New Reviews
Even though FOX DVD's have been out for quite a while now, I have been holding off reviewing them for various reasons. Well wait no longer. I have reviewed the Denzel Washington movie, Courage Under Fire. An absolutely sensational disc.
17/7/2000. 7:00pm
New Reviews
A few new reviews today. Firstly, a few new discs from Wild Releasing. Mars - The Red Planet & Tender Loving Care. On the Region 1 front I have reviewed Independence Day.
6/7/2000. 11:00pm
With only about a week until Jaws attacks on DVD, I have managed to get my hands onto a Jaws screen saver created by Columbia/Tri-Star in conjunction with Harvey Norman. Click here to download it.
New Reviews
I have sat down and very much enjoyed 2 wonderful Frank Darabont movies, The Shawshank Redemption (R4) from Roadshow and The Green Mile from Warner Bros. (R1)
Press Releases
I have added a new press release from Wild Releasing regards their release of Coral Sea Dreaming, Look for a review of that soon also.
2/7/2000. 11:30pm
New Reviews
I have reviewed the stunning Village Roadshow release Walking With Dinosaurs. Also up for review is the very stunning A Bug's Life.
Site Info
I have added a new Region 4 Easter egg page to my site that will feature Easter eggs on Region 4 DVD's only. If you have any additions, email me.